Our Product Range

Our company’s activity is focused in the field of supplying the equipments of oil products. It is one of the leading company in such field. It includes Gilbarco Veeder Root-USA, Fill Rite-USA, Catlow-USA, Red Jacket-USA,GOOD YEAR-USA  , Radcoflex-Australian, Maide Company, Hongang Croup Company, and EILA CHINESE Company and. In addition to the manual electrical equipments from CROWN Company and several international companies.

Mechanical and Industrial Tools such as:

  • Drills, Low Speed Drills, Mixers, Impact Drills, Screwdriver, Impact Wrench
  • Angle Grinders , Polishers, Rotary Tools, Die Grinders, Bench Grinders, Cut Off Saw,
    Circular Saw, Planer, Jig Saw, Routers,Sanders
  • Rotary Hammer, Demolition, Breaker, Marble Saw
  • Grinder&Cutting disc

Oil Automation Products such as:

  • Pumps & Dispensers
  • Passport Point of Sale System
  • Applause Media System with Audio and Video
  • FlexPay Payment Systems
  • Wisdom IDM
  • Express Ordering
  • Fuel Management Services
  • Environmental Products

General Products:

  • Air Compressors
  • Cut-off Wheels
  • Stationary Machines
  • Pumps
  • Heavy Equipments
  • Trucks etc. etc

For more product details visit below given websites:
www.crown-gosail.com      www.gilbarco.com       www.catlow.com
www.tuthill.com          www.champlabs.com      www.radcoflex.com