Al Yonani General Trading: Company Profile


In 2004 Al-Yonani Company L.T.D was established in Iraq considering that we practice the trading activity since 1993. The company’s location in Ninawa Governorate. Our company’s activity is focused in the field of supplying the equipments of oil products. It is one of the leading company in such field. It includes Gilbarco Veeder Root-USA, Fill Rite-USA, Catlow-USA, Red Jacket-USA,GOOD YEAR-USA  , Radcoflex-Australian, Maide Company, Hongang Croup Company, and EILA CHINESE Company and. In addition to the manual electrical equipments from CROWN Company and several international companies.
Our company is keen to provide all above mentioned products to the local market constantly, interesting in providing all spare parts, qualified and trained maintenance teams along with the competent training for all customers by experts from manufacturers when necessary.

Our Vision

We, in Al-Yonani Company L.T.D for General Trading, are committed to provide the most modern and best technologies in the field of control, oil products distribution, industrial tools, manual and electrical equipments, and applying highest levels of quality and performance development to provide the best to our customers in oil, gas, and industrial constructions fields for all usages.

We seek to insure all customer needs from one source

Our message

We aspire to be the leaders in the field of manufacturing and supplying control equipments and tools, , oil products distribution, industrial tools of high quality to all our customers in Iraq. We also work on developing our strong relations with our customers feeding all their needs along with the progress of work to elevate the performance with the participation of all workers supporting teamwork spirit and active participation in the economic, environmental and social activities.